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Addressing Estate Administration And Probate Issues

Losing a loved one is a challenging life transition. In the weeks or months following their passing, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the legal and practical considerations surrounding winding up their earthly affairs. The probate and estate administration process is not something you should tackle alone.

At DLG Law, PLLC, I can help. I’m attorney Michael de la Garza. I provide compassionate, empathetic representation for people facing the probate or estate processes after a loved one’s passing.

Key Things To Know About Texas Probate

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the probate process in Texas. Here is some helpful information to be aware of:

  • Not all estates go through probate. If your loved one had a small estate or used carefully crafted estate planning tools, the full probate process might not be necessary.
  • This process isn’t automatic, and a case will need to be opened in your county’s probate court to get it started.
  • A will needs to be probated within four years of the decedent’s death. Not all assets or accounts are included in the probate estate.
  • If you’ve been named an executor of your loved one’s estate, you have certain legal duties to uphold with a high level of skill and care. Failing to do so could expose you to personal liability. That’s why hiring a lawyer is so important.
  • Estate administration usually happens when there isn’t a will, and comes in two main categories — dependent and independent — unless  it’s waived in a will being probated, or when it’s agreed to by all heirs in an administration, executors and administrators can be required to be bonded.

You likely have a million other questions that haven’t been addressed here. When you work with me, you will find a reliable resource. I will truly listen to your concerns and address them with the compassion and thoroughness you deserve, taking the time to explain things so that you know what to expect.

Learn More About Next Steps For Estate Administration Or Probate

I’m here for you during this difficult time. As an experienced estate attorney, I’m committed to providing guidance and answers.

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