Life Changes. Let's Keep Your Legal Documents Up To Date.

Legal Guidance For LGBTQ+ Individuals From An Attorney Who Understands

For LGBTQ+ individuals, navigating legal issues such as family law, divorce, child-rearing and estate planning can all pose greater challenges. You deserve knowledgeable legal guidance from a lawyer who knows what you’re going through. You will find that at DLG Law, PLLC.

I’m Michael de la Garza, the firm’s founding attorney. I’m a married gay man, so I understand firsthand the unique struggles that my LGBTQ+ clients often face. In today’s frequently shifting legal landscape, I stay up to date on the latest developments and help clients put strong legal protections into place.

Marriage, Divorce And Other Family Law Issues For LGBTQ+ Clients

While marriage equality has made great strides in recent years, LGBTQ+ couples still face legal challenges and uncertainties. I can help you with all aspects of growing your family through marriage and adoption. I can also help you navigate transitions such as separations, divorces and child custody.

Gender, Sex And Name Changes

Who you are matters. You should celebrate and love yourself for who you are, no matter what. Sometimes, that means updating your legal documents to match the person you are today. Texas courts can order changes to your legal name and gender/sex markers, which allows you to have vital documents, such as your driver’s license and passport, updated to match your gender/sex identity or to update your name. I can guide you through the process.

LGBTQ+ Estate Planning

Protecting your loved ones involves creating effective, up-to-date estate planning documents such as wills and trusts. It also requires utilizing tools such as beneficiary designations, durable powers of attorney and other legal protections to effectuate your wishes. I can advise you on all aspects of estate planning, giving you peace of mind that should something ever happen to you or your spouse, you have laid the groundwork to avoid further tragedy.

Talk To An LGBTQ+ Lawyer About Your Concerns

I am here to listen, answer your questions and address your concerns with the dignity, compassion and respect you deserve. To talk with me about your legal questions, send me an email or call my firm in San Antonio, Texas, at 210-761-5350.